At IBIZ, it’s not just about the bottom line; it’s about the people. We focus on the relationships we have with our clients, consultants and candidates. Our motto, “Going the Extra Mile,” is reflected in every aspect of our company – it guides our decisions and actions and ensures that our consultants and clients always come first. 

How does IBIZ care?
Consultants receive personalized career guidance and professional support, as well as constant interaction and follow up from their dedicated support team.

How does IBIZ connect?
Our corporate events, tailgates, holiday parties, and user groups are geared toward our consultants and candidates. Ultimately at IBIZ, our people aren’t just employees; they’re part of the family.

IBIZ has developed a long list of attractive benefits including 
 Medical and Dental Insurance
401k, Vacation,
Tution Reimbursement and  Job Training